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Hi, We’re OnSculpt

We offer on demand 3D design, 3D printing and rapid Prototyping.

Who we are

OnSculpt was started in 2020, we are a group of problem solvers with a passion to create functional, accurate and rapid parts to meet the needs of many small businesses, enthusiasts or groups.

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What we do

We offer comprehensive services for any size small business, group or enthusiast. From the design aspect to additive manufacturing, we offer all services needed to complete your prototyping, design or production in a cost efficient, time efficient manner.

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Why we do it

We started servicing enthusiasts and the general consumer, designing, printing and distributing tens of thousands of replacement parts for obscure products. During this time our team was able to refine our additive manufacturing processes, distribution and design. Our goal was to provide a second life to products that would otherwise end up being discarded.

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